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 Site Rules : PLEASE READ

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Site Rules : PLEASE READ Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules : PLEASE READ   Site Rules : PLEASE READ Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2012 10:27 am

No swearing.
Abbreviations such as ' WTF' are allowed but keep it to a minimum. Words like, "Damn," & "Crap," are also allowed, but the same rules apply

Keep it PG 13 please.
No graphic mating allowed. Children roleplay too.

No pornographic content allowed.
This will result in a permanent ban.

Read ALL the rules
To show you've read them, post, "Purple Elephants," when creating your first character.

Roleplay realistically please!
Please roleplay in third person.( Example- The cat sat down. ) Because First person is confusing. ( Example- I walked over to the den. )
You may only have one account. At the moment, 3-5 characters per person is the maximum. Do NOT roleplay until your character has been approved.

Please do not ask to become a member of the forum staff
I'll probably say no unless I think you deserve it. Wait until there is applications, or else you will receive a warning.

Only one powerful character per account. (Leader, medicine cat, deputy)

Do NOT spam ( Stupid, pointless & annoying messages )
Spam is allowed in the chatbox but do not go overboard
Be NICE , it's not that hard.

No god modding.
God modding is controlling another person's character without their permission. You are NOT allowed EVER to kill someone's character without their permission.

No advertising
Absolutely NO advertising ANYWHERE in the forum, including the chatbox, except the ADVERTISEMENTS thread. Breaking this rule will result in a warning.

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Site Rules : PLEASE READ
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