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 Update 28/02/13; SITE REFRESH

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PostSubject: Update 28/02/13; SITE REFRESH   Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:41 am

Due to my inactivity, the site has pretty much gone totally inactive.
I'm bringing Paws Of Fate back up again, but with some changes. First of all, I've changed a few of the clan names. The clans are now: SoaringClan, SombreClan, MooreClan and DrizzleClan.
I've also gotten rid of all my characters and created one new one. ChamomileStar.
Second of all, all ranks have been reset. Meaning, everyone except me is now just a member. There are no moderators, no admins, etc, other than myself. Once I get the site up and running once again, I might do a Moderator vote.
Also, everyone will have to re-sign up. I've cleaned out the member lists, so none of your characters exist anymore. Sorry. (;
Lastly, I've been messing around with the forum, so don't be surprised if it looks a bit different, or totally different. (Depending on what I do after this post). If anyone who was here previously re-joins/becomes active again, they will not get their ranks back. (If you were a Mod, you'll now be a member)

- Chamomile.


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Update 28/02/13; SITE REFRESH
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