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 Update 02/01/13

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Update 02/01/13 Empty
PostSubject: Update 02/01/13   Update 02/01/13 Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 4:55 pm

Hello everyone. (;

The Moderator Vote is still on, so be sure to vote HERE
BreezeClan needs a new leader, because RobinStar/Webby has been banned for reasons which I do not wish to go into detail. A few of you will already understand my reasoning.
Comment, someone who doesn't already have a Notable Character ( NC RPer ) and I'll choose someone for the position.
All of her characters will be removed from the member lists.

DarkClan desperately needs members, it's the smallest clan on the site with only 2 members.

I'm thinking of adding the rank, "Mini Mods," when the site grows a bit more. This won't be for a while though, just when it becomes harder for two people to keep track of everything.

EDIT: CrimsonPelt has volunteered to lead BreezeClan.

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Update 02/01/13
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