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 Here's my story!

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PostSubject: Here's my story!    Here's my story!  Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 9:37 pm

here's my story! it's based on a dream i had one night! please give feedback and suggestions! ;3


Three friends in a castle. Together. Far from everything. Nothing to bother them, with an entire kingdom of friends. And down below, a sea of mermaids, fish, water dragons, the lochness monster, and everything enchanted. But after the castle was built, the sea creatures hated how that castle was getting in the way. they had all the land to themselves and they intended to keep it that way. they planned to fight against the ones who lived above them and the ones above would not let the sea creatures win.


“I will not allow these humans to live in our land!” hisses the queen of mermaids, Macaria. "Now everybody who is willing to fight, say I!"
Loud cheers of triumph sounded from all over the sea from hundreds of creatures. But one challenged the queen, "And what if they win? And we cannot have all of our people fight! Half of them will be killed!" It was Cyrus. A rather humble one, not the kind of person you wouldn't expect to challenge the queen.
"How could you say that?!" Another protested. "We are strong, magical people, and we have the right to win! We are also strong enough to win! no human will defeat us!"
Cyrus flinched. "They aren't humans, they are vampires, and their castle is getting bigger! They are waiting for us to get cocky and then show us all their strength! They are just as strong as us-"
"Enough!" He was interrupted by Marcarica. Her voice boomed across the sea. "The only thing that would let them get stronger is by how pathetic you are acting! We are capable of fighting. And we will train, who says they aren't the ones who will get cocky?!" Thunder boomed and rain drops started splashing on top of the water. "They also think that a fight in the rain is terrible, but the water will help us! We will have to plan our attack carefully, I will have positions for the ones capable of fighting by tomorrow."

Cyrus was handed his 'water-proof' paper that told him where he was in the back of the attack party. He was behind Thalia, one elegant mermaid who Cyrus didn't know very well. In the following days they practiced and trained. Cyrus wasn't a major part of the attack, he was practically bait! But he knew well that every member of the attack will help. He just couldn't help but worry that the vampires might be stronger than them. With the paper in his hand he swam to the attack party for another practice. They would pretend to invade a secret island for the practices. They were getting better each time, but Cyrus wasn't improving so significantly.
Finally the lead of the attack party, Mason called out bravely, "ATTACK!" With all the enthusiasm as he would have in a real battle. The mermaids swam up until the water was too shallow, and Cyrus flopped across the border of the island as planned, holding himself up with the vines that the mermaids had growing from their tails. This was the final practice before the battle, he was determined to do his best. Without warning another mermaid, popped out from nowhere! This didn’t surprise Cyrus, it was just like any other practice. The two were to practice dueling together, but then another came from the rear! He guessed this was the plan so he would be extra prepared. Cyrus twisted around and tackled the one from behind, but he was clever, he wrapped a vine from his tail around Cyrus’s body and shoved him into the palm trees. Cyrus spat out dirt and this time he shoved his practice opponent into the water and wrapped his tail around his opponent's neck.
"Well done." He began."A human would be helpless this position."
Cyrus opened his mouth to say they were not human, but he hesitated. The look in his opponent's eyes made it clear not to protest.
"I think you ready.” He said. Just then, his smile turned to a mischievous grin, as the other trainer came straight down on top of them, plunging them farther into the water! Cyrus released his grip on one’s neck and shoved the other towards the rocks, but it was dark dirty water, and the force against the rocks caused about fifty small stones to sink down like an avalanche, the water was clouded wing black sand and dirt, while the one Cyrus had pushed sunk deep down unconscious.
“We need to get him up!” the first trainer said, then, he and Cyrus swam deep down to scoop him up from under the arms. They dragged him onto shore shouting, “man down! somebody please come to help! nurse!” finally Dr.Phisy came along and they dragged him to a small room with herbs and medicines in it.

Later, after the trainer got back on his fins, Macaria had a talk with Cyrus. “Cyrus what am i going to do with you?” she began while rubbing her forehead. “You know that that was practice, right?!” the queen sighed. “You’re right. What if the hum- er, vampires are stronger than us?”
Cyrus sat up straighter ignoring the fact that the queen had suddenly changed topics. he was fine with that. “thats what i have been trying to tell you! they have strength, they can fly, and their ruler even has wizard powers!”
“Well, their ruler isn’t really going to join the battle, is she? How ignorant would that be? She’d be fish-bait if she joined the battle! even if she has powers, all of us would be after her!”
“um, excuse me but, would it be good for us if she was in the fight?”
“I suppose it would, but we shall play fair, not winning because we held their ruler captive.” she sighed again, “must we?”
“it probably wouldn't be necessary. they would just get revenge by capturing, well, you.”
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PostSubject: Re: Here's my story!    Here's my story!  Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 1:51 am


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PostSubject: Re: Here's my story!    Here's my story!  Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2013 6:27 am

I like the idea, well done ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Here's my story!    Here's my story!  Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 12:53 am

thank you! Here's more:

“it probably wouldn't be necessary. they would just get revenge by capturing, well, you.”
Macaria flinched at the thought of that, I would too. I sure wouldn’t want to be kept hostage. I am the princess of the kingdom that intruded in their land. I am Imogene, and let me tell you what’s going on in the other side of this story.

* * *
“Alright, we are pretty much prepared for the attack, but I want to test your skill against me, if you succeed, you will be in the lead the attack after Seth, my deputy. We will train outside near the large oak tree. Seth, will you tell them when to come?” I announced. We were expecting an attack, and I wanted my castle to be victorious.
Seth nodded and began organizing the training sessions. while I went outside to warm up before testing my citizens. Finally the first one arrived. It was Janet, one of the best fighters. We walked to a shady spot where i placed a long blue mat (because sunlight would kill us) where i placed a long blue mat and i explained to her, “We will not actually hurt each other, okay?”
She nodded. I could see she was biting her lower lip with eagerness.
“So, the key is the first one of us to pin the opponent down is the winner. And depending on how good you are, we’ll see which part of the attack group we’ll put you in. Alright?”
“I’m ready!” she called enthusiastically.
“GO!” my voice echoed as raced after me, trying to knock me over. “Nice try!” I shouted while sidestepping, tripping her up next to me. She hovered higher than me, so I tried to do the same by picking my feet up off the ground, too. A battle in the sky. My favorite. I tried to move closer to the castle wall so I had room to swiftly match her height. Janet tried to counter my approach by jerking around and shoving me through the air, but I took her with me! I flipped over still grasping her arms, then I kicked her away, sending her flying over the sea.
“Wait!” she called all of a sudden, her eyes examining the ocean surface. I’m not sure what she saw down there, but all I know is that just then, a long scaly vine wrapped around her ankle, tugging her fiercely into the water! “Help! Help me, please!”
“I’m coming!” I shouted as I flew over. My hands met hers but now Janet was making this gurgling sound, her mouth half underwater. She was losing her grip on my hand. “Hold on!!” I shrieked. But now she was under water taken by the enemy. Goosebumps ran up and down my spine. The battle was about to start.

I rushed over to the heavy castle doors. When it was pulled it immediately swung open. Seth was talking to some others, still organising training sessions. “We’re being attacked!” my voice rang and everybody stared at me in complete horror. I didn't know what to say so I panicked. “No time to talk get out there!” everybody rushed past me and I continued after them, but something held me back!
“you don’t really think you’re going to fight are you?!” it was Seth.
“Seth, what are you talking about?! of course I am!” I protested.
“they’ll be after you! they’ll-”
“Look I don’t care! I’m going!” I struggled away and glided to where I heard noise.
I found out later that wasn’t the smartest thing to do.
It was where I had a training session with Janet. poor old Janet. The blue mats were all torn apart, and the feild was stained with blood. I lunged on top of Thaila, a mermaid warrior. She was clever and fast. The young girl wrapped her fin around my legs and threw me to the ground beside her. I felt dizzy because my head slammed so hard on the ground. she grabbed my wrist to throw me on her other side, but this time I was prepared. I hovered off the ground just before I hit it, followed by some snow shooting from my bare hands. That was my power. The power of ice. The white substance toppled her over onto the ground. When she brushed it off, she was raving mad. I glued her to the ground with some ice cuffs. Her face was red with fury. but then, Thalia calmed down. She chanted something in a different language that I couldn’t understand. It turns out she was summoning some team mates. One named Felix freed Thalia from the ice cuffs, and they all gathered around me.
“you want to teach me that trick you did?” I joked half-heartedly.
Felix grasped my arm. I grinned, and started growing ice long up his arm growing like vines on the side of an abandoned building. “That will just make me not let go more.” he smirked. Thaila grabbed my legs and Cyrus held my other arm. There was no way of attacking now. I struggled and kicked, they were dragging me towards the water, I was half under water, almost all the way now, only my head was above... Underwater. I could’ve sworn that Seth was running towards me. He was right. I was getting dizzy. Just then, did I hear Cyrus say, “Sorry.”? Then, everything went black.
* * *
My eyes ripped open! My hands and feet were numb, tied back by ropes. I was gagged. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything so I guess that’s why I wasn’t blindfolded. I kicked around, but it was no use trying to escape. Suddenly, a light poured in through a crack in the door. It was Cyrus. Surprisingly, he ripped the gag right off.
“They could have washed it first.” I mumbled just to myself. Cyrus was unraveling the splintery ropes around my hand when I said, “What the heck are you doing?!”
“What does it look like? I’m breaking you out. There’s an exit over there.” he pointed his head towards a door.
“Okay, why? And why is it dry in here?”
Cyrus sighed. “It’s dry because we have oxygen tanks coming into some special rooms. And I’m breaking you out because- because this war is junk. There’s no point in it.” He was untying my feet now. I moved my wristed around trying to receive feeling, and when I broke free, I hovered up off the metal ground because I lost balance when I stood on my numb feet.
“So, there’s a train that goes to Vegas about a thirty minutes walking. I have an amulet there, and it’s magic. When you put it on, You understand your enemies problems. It can end the war! Will you come with me? Nobody will approve of the trip, and you're strong enough to help.”
I looked at him confused in the dim light. “I have people that depend on me out there.”
“Come on, when was the last time you went on a quest to do something really important. It doesn’t happen every day.” he begged. Then, he gave up. “you can get to the castle-”
“no. I’m going with you.”
Her looked at me in surprise. “W-what? Thank you!”
“I want this war to end as much as you do.” So, it was decided. We were going half across the country to get a magical amulet that could stop a war between the mermaids and vampires. Crazy. I know. Cyrus led the way up to a ladder that led to a room filled with water. This water was different, though. I was breathing it normally. He swam over to a patch of purplish plant, he ripped some of it off, and handed the strange grassy plant to me saying, “Eat it. It’ll let you breath normal water.”
I took a bite out of the bundle of leaves, and sure enough, gills grew right out of my face.
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PostSubject: Re: Here's my story!    Here's my story!  Icon_minitimeSat Aug 03, 2013 4:21 am

That's awesome!! NEXT CHAPTER.

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Here's my story!
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